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We’ve got the band back together

Nothing makes you appreciate someone like their absence, and over the past month almost everyone at The Sopris Sun has taken some time away.
I actually started the trend myself by taking off for Canadian Thanksgiving with my family in Windsor, Ontario. I skipped town right after Potato Day and missed almost a week of newspapering, including the big internet outage and some important breaking news. Didn’t notice my absence? That’s all thanks to Trina Ortega, The Sun’s original editor. Few people in my position have ever had access to such a talented substitute. I am immensely grateful.

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Bridges High School truly gets a space of its own

As Bridges High School prepares to celebrate its 20th anniversary from 4 to 7 p.m. Nov. 3, it will also be showing off a newly renovated space tailored specifically to its needs.Roaring Fork School District’s alternative to a traditional high school experience was originally housed in the old Glenwood Springs Middle School (now a wing of the high school) and held only in the evening. Throughout the years, it also used space at Colorado Mountain College on Blake Avenue; the district’s career center; Roaring Fork High School and what is now Third Street Center before finally moving into the old Carbondale Middle School building between Weant Boulevard, Third Street and Sopris Avenue.

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New work by Victoria Broyles displayed at Main Street Gallery

Main Street Gallery is pleased to present a group of beautiful new paintings by Carbondale artist Victoria Broyles. Though her subjects vary, she focuses primarily on the beautiful landscapes and river valleys of the western Colorado mountains near her home, occasionally adding people and animals for interest. She is also an accomplished still-life and portrait artist working with oil on canvas or panel or with charcoal.

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The perks of being unbarred from cell service

It happens to many of us as we shoot past the fish hatchery on Highway 133: that deep, relaxing breath many of us take as we motor upvalley into the land of the unplugged. Up ahead, the horizon is wide, embraced by familiar peaks brushing blue skies. Green pastures flood the valley floor. Cottonwood and willow flow with the gentle tumble of the Crystal River and irrigation ditches. Their clear yellow tops mingle with the jewel tones of the landscape, a dazzling tapestry billowing across the skirts of Sopris.

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Solar Rollers, from Carbondale to Dubai

The emails tend to start around 10 p.m. and keep coming for several more hours. Even though he’s back home in Carbondale and still feeling the jet lag, Solar Rollers executive director Noah Davis’s international work isn’t quite finished. “Our equipment crate is still stuck in Dubai, so we’re doing all kinds of international customs clearance stuff to get everything sent back,” he said of his most recent endeavors. “It’s all lots of electronics and weird things, so we’ve talked to a lot of security people at airports.” Those “weird things” include SunPower solar cells, sheets of carbon fiber, motors and speed controllers, among other equipment likely not common for a customs agent’s review.