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    West is the best for Crystal River Trail

    Dear Editor: It’s time for me to weigh in on the Crystal River Trail controversy. There is no question a trail is needed. We have to get the mountain bikes off of Highway 133. That is a tragedy waiting to happen. The issue is where should that trail be: Along the railroad tracks on the east side of the river and 133 or on the west side. read more →
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    Living by a land ethic

    We live in a time that emanates confusion. We live in a time where stories from the middle east about decapitations are too normal. We live in a time where celebrities are more important than the planet that we live on. We live in a time where the only solution for death is more death, the only solution for feeding the planet is found in a lab, the only solution for climate change is convincing yourself it does not exist, the only solution for police brutality is listening to the least threatening side of the story, and the only solution for sexism is making sure that women don’t make enough money to gain a voice. We live in a time where it is hard to trust your fellow man. read more →
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    Trustees swing at curveball, trade horses

    A last minute change in a housing mitigation plan ruffled some feathers at the Carbondale Board of Trustees meeting on May 9, but didn’t stop things from moving forward. In the original plan submitted to the trustees and reproduced in the packet, the construction of the remaining 18 units of a 27 unit development in the Kay Planned Unit Development next to the Carbondale Community School on Dolores Way would have included 11 income restricted apartments. read more →
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    Dandelion Day turning into a trash-free event

    Achieving 100 percent recycling and composting, and zero trash, at events such as Dandelion Day may not be possible as long as there are babies that must be diapered, and folks who tote in non-recyclable items such as waxed paper, Styrofoam, Magic Markers and a few other others. "We can’t rule on what people bring in,” said EverGreen ZeroWaste co-owner Alyssa Reindel. read more →
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    Homeless assistance fundraiser slated for May 13

    The Carbondale Homeless Assistance coalition (or Carbondale Habitat-Challenged coalition, as some prefer it) has been in business for about a year and a half, and has successfully helped local habitat-challenged individuals with everything from dental surgery to meals to showers at the Carbondale Recreation and Community Center (CRCC). read more →
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    Middle school Issues Club tackles immigration, law enforcement

    Up to 45 eighth graders at a time have been staying late at Carbondale Middle School on Mondays to discuss social issues and will offer suggestions at a forum in Denver, and propose a resolution to the Carbondale Board of Trustees. The students are members of the school’s new Issues Club. Speakers so far have included a 9th Judicial District public attorney, a police officer, local mayor, and spokespeople from Planned Parenthood and the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, among others. read more →
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    Basalt reaches agreement with Mahoney

    The Town of Basalt has reached an agreement with town manager finalist Ryan Mahoney, who is expected to sign a contract with the town later this week. Mahoney currently works as the Development Services Director for the City of Marana, Arizona and previously served as town manager in Buena Vista and Dolores. read more →
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    War, cancer lead to nursing degrees for CMC graduates

    War and cancer are rightly viewed as among the world’s worst things to endure. But two graduates from the Colorado Mountain College nursing program used their experiences with deadly conflict and disease to learn how to care for others. The nursing program at Spring Valley and Breckenridge awarded Associate of Applied Science and Bachelor of Science in nursing degrees to the class of 2017 on May 6. read more →
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    Festival las Américas 2017 se Celebra el Cinco de Mayo

    Habrán dos cambios para el Festival las Américas 2017 que ocurre en Carbondale en Sopris Park. Este recaudador de fondos anual para el Club Rotario será el Cinco de Mayo (y no al finales de agosto) y la admisión será gratis. read more →
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    Ps & Qs: An easy ride

    Life is hard. Anyone over 30 knows this. But what may take more than thirty years to realize, is that it’s not supposed to be easy. The whole point is to face each disaster with a graceful attitude because character is formed by learning how to handle all the obstacles and overcome the pain, anger and resentment they cause read more →