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    Carbondale Salon continues centuries-old tradition

    If one were to Google “Carbondale Salon” in years to come, one might learn the inaugural Carbondale Salon at the Launchpad took place from 6 to 8 p.m. on June 17, and featured: Zack Ritchie (drummer); soloist Carolyn Yates and the cast of “Vacuum Carbondale CO” (dance); Sarah Graf (cellist); Stefano Da Fre (filmmaker/actor); and Harry Babar (comedian). “I am excited to welcome this diverse group of performers opening the first-ever Salon at the Launchpad,” said Carbondale Salon curator Alya Howe. “I find the artists through having seen or hear them perform, through recommendation, and via YouTube/MP3 samples of their work. Then I consider the flow and balancing of a program,” she told The Sopris Sun. read more →
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    Third Street Center steams into eighth year

    Maybe it was a typical cool summer Wednesday morning at the Third Street Center on June 14. A little before 8 a.m., name tags, coffee and snacks awaited the more than two dozen community leaders who would soon file through the front doors and into the Calaway Room for the new Communities that Care “key leaders” orientation meeting. Due to the Communities that Care meeting, tai chi with Lyn Byars/John Norton was bumped down the hall to the Round Room, while in the Down the Rabbit Hole room that abuts the Round Room, SoL Theatre kids were smiling, laughing, jumping around and dancing to “Happy.” Thirty feet away from the SoL Theatre dance party, back in the Round Room, Norton started his tai chi session “ … We’re finding a still place in the middle of chaos … Isn’t that what tai chi is all about?” read more →
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    BOA denies building permit on Euclid Avenue

    At its meeting on May 31, the Carbondale Board of Adjustment (BOA) voted 5-0 to deny a building permit previously issued to Pat Kiernan for a single-family structure at 728 Euclid Ave. Kiernan has 28 days to appeal the BOA in district court, according to Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure (C.R.C.P.). Kiernan was unavailable for comment for this article. read more →
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    Connecting cameras to Carbondale cops

    At some point in the near future, Carbondale police officers will be wearing “body-cams,” which will capture images and sound recordings of everything from traffic stops to street encounters with citizens, similar to the devices worn by big-city cops and made famous in news stories about controversial acts by police around the country. But the local police say their move to outfit officers with the devices was not driven by national news stories or complaints about police behavior. read more →
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    Participate in the Autism Awareness Walk

    More than one parent has remarked, upon watching a therapeutic “play-date” session in progress at Carbondale’s Smiling Goat Ranch, “This looks like a bunch of kids are just playing together outside!” What the words of this sentiment cannot express is the degree of wonder in their voices. Y read more →
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    Excellence at RFHS

    Dear Editor: Kudos to the students, teachers, and administrators at Roaring Fork High in Carbondale. It is time that the school’s reputation catches up with its excellent reality. read more →
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    Serving the forest

    Dear Editor: Framing a response about Representative Scott Tipton’s Forest Management and Water Rights’ missive is tricky. read more →
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    Positive preschool

    Dear Editor: Our family would like to give a heartfelt thanks to Waldkinder Preschool. read more →
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    Sheriff DiSalvo’s honesty

    Dear Editor: I believe Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo is the first law enforcement officer I have heard describe the federal immigration crackdown as what it is: blatant racism. read more →
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    Carbondale Circulator possibilities

    Dear Editor: The point of this letter is to get some light shined on our policy that we believe is a great idea for this small but amazing town. Our policy is meant to expand the circulator bus route in order to get people closer to their desired destinations because, not everyone just wants to go to Main Street. read more →