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    Let’s talk about the weather

    It may sound mundane, but for a lot of locals — human and otherwise — a lot depends on the seasonal and shorter patterns of temperature and precipitation. That’s particularly evident in the winter, when ski resorts track the snowpack in daily detail, but they’re not the only ones watching. The Colorado Basin River Forecast Center is in charge of estimating the amount of water that will trickle down from the Rockies toward the Pacific Ocean April through July. read more →
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    A goodbye letter to Carbondale

    I am grateful for my life and time in Carbondale. I consider Carbondale my hometown, and I will always be connected to this place. Carbondale has given me many gifts. When I was small, I learned to swim in our pool. I grew up knowing how to treat the water and mountains. Here, I learned the terrifying art of public speaking, because I had to speak up for our watershed. I know that the dandelion is a nutritious, and medicinal flower, not a weed. It is in our culture to take care of the beautiful natural resources that support our lives and nourish our spirit. read more →
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    Protect railroad history

    Dear Editor: Railroad history in the West reflects our history, as a nation, as individuals with dreams and with courage, and as communities with a significant place in that history. read more →
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    An eighth grader’s experience in Kenya

    Jambo! Jina langu ni Katie Noll. That is Swahili for “Hi! My name is Katie Noll.” I am a rising eighth grader at the Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork. Each eighth grade student is required to do a project about a topic of interest to them. During my seventh grade year, I began to think about what might interest me and concluded it would be something that would help children less fortunate than myself. read more →
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    A discount guide to the Aspen Music Festival

    The Aspen Music Festival summer season opens June 29, and if $60 to see Arnaud Sussmann and Wu Han that evening seems steep, don’t worry — there are plenty of events in keeping with a downvalley budget. Chief among them is a free concert in memory of Carbondalian Mary Crouch Lilly, which features the Aspen Conducting Academy Orchestra playing Verdi, Kraft and Brahms at 4 p.m. July 3 at the Benedict Music Tent (960 N 3rd St, Aspen). read more →
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    Buddy Program blossoms, new ‘gardeners’ welcome

    Arbaney Park in Basalt was probably the happiest, happenist place in town on the evening of June 22, with dozens of Buddy Program mentors and mentees chowing down on potluck picnics and pizza, slugging down soft drinks, swarming around on cool green grass, playing games and engaging in various ball-related activities, chasing each other and generally having a good time under clear skies and pleasant temperatures. read more →
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    Pitfalls, priorities and patience for a new City Market

    The troubled Carbondale Marketplace development proposal, on a parcel of land adjacent to the intersection of Highway 133 and Main Street, has been granted its sixth extension in a year and a half for the submission of critical documents that must be filed before any development can proceed on the property. The approval of the 90-day extension for filing a final plat for the project, however, came only after the Board of Trustees (BOT) listened to a litany of problems outlined by spokesmen for the project’s development partnership. read more →
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    Food Co-Op gets a chance to survive (and thrive)

    This is not the end for Dandelion Market — but for a moment it sure looked like it might be. A few weeks ago, the 10-year-old local food cooperative, which hasn’t turned a profit since 2013, is tens of thousands of dollars in debt to vendors and staff and is expected to be out of its current location on July 1, was facing the possibility of bankruptcy. read more →
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    Preliminary budget illustrates fire district without mill levy

    As the Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District works on its budget for the coming year, one unknown factor continues to be the question of whether the district will ask voters this fall for a tax hike in 2018, to make up for the impending expiration of a two-year, temporary mill levy increase approved by voters in 2015. A preliminary budget for 2018, provided by Fire Chief Ron Leach, shows how the district’s finances would look if a tax question does not make it onto the ballot this fall. read more →
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    Meet Marty Silverstein, Carbondale trustee

    When Marty Silverstein moved to the Roaring Fork Valley from New York area in 1990, there were no opportunities for him to do the kind of computer consulting he’d done back East. “The closest place was Denver,” Silverstein told The Sopris Sun, and he wanted to live in the Roaring Fork Valley. Part of the rest of the story is one that’s been told up and down the Roaring Fork Valley for decades. Armed with a BS in political science and a minor in business administration, he eventually landed a job paying $7 an hour (plus a ski pass) at the Aspen airport. read more →