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    Pages of the Past: ‘It doesn’t matter if a story’s true or not, just so it’s good.’

    April 7, 1988: Basalt-area oldtimer and former Journal columnist Jake Lucksinger died at the age of 95, prompting reprinted excerpts of some of his “Legends and Lore” — he dropped the “Lies” after the first couple issues because “it doesn’t matter if a story’s true or not, just so it’s good.” read more →
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    Ps & Qs: The spectrum of a species

    I subscribe to The Borowitz Report because the only way I can absorb the news these days is through satire. And now it arrives with a disclaimer: Not the news. This is the world we live in.

    A world “where ‘stop shooting our kids’ is seenread more →

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    Seeking Higher Ground: Amy Barr loved the hell out of this world

    If I awakened to find that my older husband had died during the night, I was supposed to call Amy Barr. Those were her instructions, and I knew that she could glue the pieces of me back together again.

    Dawn Mulally, a friend and a formerread more →

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    Sparhawk, Yllanes and Henry for four years; Kitching for two; 2A passes

    The incumbents came out on top and the streetscape tax was renewed in a landslide, according to unofficial Carbondale municipal election results on April 3. read more →
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    The Sun announces IPO

    By Margarita LuTack
    The Sopris Sum

    The Sopris Sun Board of Directors recently announced the newspaper’s initial public offering, which officially marks the entity’s conversion from a nonprofit to a publicly traded company.

    The move has already been met with controversy.

    read more →

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    Library unveils new #@&%ing programming

    By Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat
    Sopris Sin Staff

    In an effort to remain relevant and make up for lost funding, the Garfield County Public Library system kicked off a set of new programs in Carbondale with a course on cursing in other languages.

    “I got inspired reading Hemingway’sread more →

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    Town eyes converting ditches to brew Kombucha

    By Danko Beauregardenabler
    The Sopris Shroom 

    A new push to brew a mushroom-based tea in Carbondale’s ditch system is gaining steam, and the prospects have local chakras spinning. Council members will discuss a $1.2 million proposal to foster a locally sourced Kombucha brewing empire in town.

    If approved, the… read more →

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    Runne column rebuttal

    Dear Editor:

    Sigh… John, you are one of the people from whom we have spent years defending Carbondale.  

    You have lived here one year, and so very quickly are ready to show us locals how it is done in the big world.read more →

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    Crystal River Meats parent co. files chapter 11

    JBC Agricultural Management LLC, which runs Crystal River Meats — Colorado’s largest producer of grass-fed beef and lamb — just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

    It’s not a simple case, Tai Jacober, the CEO of both companies, said.

    “We’ll make a plan for reorganization,read more →

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    Mana Foods sprouts in Dandy Market location

    On March 23, Mana Foods opened its doors for its first official day of business. The shelves are stocked and the energy is vibrant. Mana means spiritual nourishment, and that’s exactly what the husband-and-wife team who co-own the store want to bring to the community — after all,read more →