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    Spring sport season winding down

    Some seasons, participating in the district and regional tournaments turns into an untouchable dream by the end of the regular season. Others, the whole thing seem like a footnote on the path to state. This year is neither of those extremes.

    Both Roaring Fork High School’sread more →

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    7A election day approaching for Crown Mountain Park

    Carbondalians take note — your midvalley neighbors are in the process of making a decision that could impact area recreation for years to come.

    Voters in Crown Mountain Park and Recreation District are being asked to approve a permanent mill levy increase, with more than 1,000read more →

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    Special projects cap off senior year

    Seniors at Roaring Fork High School this year have been juggling more than just the typical load of classes, extracurricular activities, college applications and job searches.

    Hannah Bingaman has been training to become an equine therapy rider for children on the Autism spectrum. Cal Braniganread more →

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    Ps & Qs: Born in Aspen, but we still need to work for a living

    Oh, my gods, did you hear Emmanuel Macron’s speech?! I should have guessed! This whole ordeal of having a president with the ego of a small child, and a slack-ass nanny of a congress, has all been a plot to make us fall for the first responder onread more →

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    Pages of the Past: A rolling stone gathers no moss

    From the archives of the Roaring Fork Valley Journal

    May 4, 1978

    A new judge was called to preside over a minimum stream flow case with implications for the Crystal River and Avalanche Creek after the previous one was disqualified due to his wife’s membership in…

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    Foxes, chickens and ground squirrels

    Dear Editor:

    People who raise chickens don’t like foxes because they raid chicken houses and kill chickens.

    I understand that. But trapping, shooting or poisoning foxes is not the best way to prevent chickens from being preyed upon by foxes.

    White Hillread more →

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    Keep on dancing

    Dear Editor:

    “A 12 hour dance marathon? Are you crazy?”

    This was the most common reaction I received as I spread the word about Dance Valley Dance, a fundraiser benefiting Stepping Stones and Aspen Youth Center, that took place at the Carbondale Recreationread more →

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    School resource officer losing sight, but not vision

    Michael Zimmerman is going blind.

    After five years as Carbondale’s school resource officer and almost 30 in law enforcement, he is actively training his replacement, Gretchen Bell, and will soon be looking for another career. News has leaked out slowly over the last school year, butread more →

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    Roaring Fork Technologists empowers through collaboration

    It was just going to be a Facebook page, Justin Lewis insisted about the Roaring Fork Technologists group he founded early last year.

    Lewis, a software developer from Washington who migrated to Denver, had bought a house in Marble. And while he loved the lifestyleread more →

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    Youthentity culinary team off to national competition

    You have an hour to prepare and plate a three-course meal to a panel of judges — and yes, you’re rated for your courses’ aesthetics as well as flavor profiles. Oh, and you’re limited to working with two non-electric burners.

    If that sounds like a lotread more →