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    Locals flock together for new guide

    Rebecca Weiss and Mark Fuller are bird nerds, and they’re making it easy for you to be one, too.

    “Birds are the most watchable form of wildlife,” Weiss said. “Birders are fun to hang out with and it helps you connect to nature.”

    “They’reread more →

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    Ps&Qs: The hamster-led, pumpkin spiced revolution

    Fall is a wonderful season.

    That nearly-dead-but-not-yet feeling of: warm days and cool nights, beautiful tapestries on the mountainside, and the pumpkin spiced deluge whenever we leave the house. Americans are extremely busy this fall; there’s barely time to stop and smell the rotting roseread more →

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    Apples of the Earth

    Ah, Potato Day! There’s something in the spud to think about.

    Fred Geis used to play a tune on the radio: “You’re My Little Potato.” Fred, a fellow poet, wrote a poem extolling Anne Holden, who always wore her hair pulled up in a bun.read more →

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    Basalt apartment complex 'uninhabitable' after pipe comes through the ceiling

    A “utilities emergency” prompted the mandatory evacuation of all 56 units of the Roaring Fork Apartments at 111 Emma Rd. in Basalt on Oct. 2.

    Early on, I’d requested the American Red Cross for their assistance,” said Richard Cornelius, a division chief with theread more →

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    Old friends and new come together to put on Potato Day

    They may not be officially in charge of the event anymore, but the Gianinettis are still heavily invested in the success of Potato Day.

    In addition to their involvement with the meal, the folks at Gianinetti Spring Creeks Ranch put up a matching donation to encourageread more →

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    How do we keep them from walking away?

    Carbondale is likely to lose its creatives if it doesn’t find a way to offer them affordable housing and studio space, but who’s going to spearhead it and who’s going to pay for it?

    That’s the big question left lingering after ArtSpace unveiled the results ofread more →

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    Chamber’s Business Confluence gives local state of affairs

    The Chamber of Commerce asked locals what they wanted out of a business confluence, and the survey answer was clear: Carbondalians want to be informed about what’s happening in their community. At the Sept. 19 event, the chamber delivered.

    In a seemingly rapid-fire, 90-minute series ofread more →

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    Hot, big fires are here to stay

    Local and regional wildfire experts gathered at The Changing Face of Wildfire forum Sept. 25 at The Temporary to reflect upon the Lake Christine Fire, and to discuss if, across the West, communities should begin to shift their perspective and be prepared for larger, devastating fires more often.read more →

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    Signs speak louder than words

    Editor’s Note: This class was postponed due to health issues

    While many classes at Colorado Mountain College put people’s passions into play, the upcoming continuing education course on American Sign Language at the Carbondale campus is particularly personal.

    Instructor Valerie Rose is deaf in oneread more →

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    Colorado company keeps you connected

    It’s hard to get much done without the internet these days, as a series of outages in recent years — most recently on Sept. 24 — underscores.

    Most communication in, out and within the Valley relies on a couple of main lines which can beread more →