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    Our post office

    Dear Editor:

    It’s not the Pony Express anymore at the Carbondale PO but there is a Wild Horse Race behind the counter.

    Whoa! it is actually a copy of a mural done by Redstone Artist Frank Mechau, a native of Glenwood commissioned byread more →

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    Fire diary from a startled artist

    Dear Editor:

    (Editor’s note: This statement was written the day the Lake Christine fire turned very threatening to the communities of Basalt and El Jebel.)

    The Fire is a (expletive) beast. Just huge and totally out of control. Watched it yesterday move away fromread more →

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    Seeking Higher Ground: The kindness of strangers

    On July 4, I stood beside Twin Lakes weeping. Mourning for our verdant Roaring Fork Valley, for friends, for the future of coming generations. The smoke signals pouring over Independence Pass were a harbinger of global warming, of the desertification of the American West.

    Fromread more →

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    Bits & Pieces: Welcome to 40

    More than I care to admit I find myself thinking, “Ugh, kids these day!” And I sound like my parents when I hear myself asking a dozen times a day, “Who left all these lights on? Don’t you boys know we have to pay for electricity?”

    read more →

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    CARE seeking help transporting and fostering animals in wake of evacuations

    If you’re feeling helpless in the wake of the Lake Christine Fire, Colorado Animal Rescue (CARE) could use your help managing the influx of four-legged evacuees.

    If they’re mandatory evacuated, we are taking animals. We are not taking livestock, just small animals: cats and dogs, bunnies, whatever peopleread more →

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    Pilot program helps paralyzed participants move again

    It was the first time Adam Lavender stood in his wife’s embrace in six years. He’d been told by every spinal cord injury (SPI) expert at Craig Hospital that he would never regain mobility after a mountain biking accident in 2012. He was, and always would be, aread more →

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    Ceramicists’ individual pursuits result in Paralleled Pastiche

    Artists Savanna LaBauve and Stephanie Seguin didn’t know each other when they each arrived in town last September to share a cozy studio space as the Carbondale Clay Center’s newest residents. But after a year of creative cohabitation, each acknowledges the other’s influence.

    “I’m really excitedread more →

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    Welcome to the Monkey House

    Get ready to reach new heights later this month at Carbondale’s newest bouldering gym Monkey House Carbondale!

    Conveniently located in the ET Plaza between Highway 133 and 12th Street, Monkey House Carbondale is a dynamic bouldering gym that was specifically designed to challenge climbers of allread more →

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    Meet the youngsters on the force

    Nineteen-year-old Jesus Terrazas of Gypsum was working for FedEx when he saw an ad in the paper for an opening at the Carbondale Police Department.

    It had been his dream since he was little to work in law enforcement. Knowing the odds were stacked againstread more →

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    By the light of the moon

    Once upon a time, in the small but quirky town of Carbondale, there lived a woman who wrote a children’s book. She finished the book in no time, had it illustrated and designed by local artists and was quite happy with the finished product. She loved it, inread more →