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    Trustee summoned for drinking and driving

    When Carbondale Police Officer Brandyn Rupp stopped a gray Subaru Forester near the intersection of Second Street and Snowmass Avenue for allegedly speeding just after midnight on Jan. 12, the driver turned out to be Luis Yllanes, a member of the Carbondale Board of Trustees.

    In addition to a citation… read more →

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    Mutt & Jeff: It’s like…

    Ask my students — I’m a stickler when it comes to using the word “like.”

    Generally, it’s prohibited in my classroom. At least when it’s meant to stand for veritably — in other words, as an intensifier. If a person wants to intensify a statement, it doesn’t help… read more →

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    FootSteps Marketing making strides in wellness consciousness

    First, it was a mindfulness and self-compassion workshop. Financial wellness is next on the docket at FootSteps Marketing.

    Sydney Schalit, general manager turned FootSteps CEO, lights up when she talks about it.

    “We were all just sitting in a sweet little circleread more →

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    Gaining the world; losing the self

    Dear Editor:

    My name is Sandra Lopez, the person who took sanctuary in Carbondale for 10 months. Thank you very much to my community, and to the Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist congregation.  Thanks to all of you, I kept my family together and was protectedread more →

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    Survey seeks to help folks keep their furry friends

    As Executive Director of Colorado Animal Rescue, Wes Boyd has watched renters struggle with the choice between their pets and a place to live.

    “We noticed that there are a large number of animals that come into the shelter that are displaced from their homesread more →

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    Basalt Regional Library offers a great escape

    Apparently, the best way to get 20- and 30-somethings into the library is to “lock” them in a room and give them puzzles.

    At least, that’s what the Basalt Regional Library is trying with a series of “escape room” events, among other programming. Escape roomsread more →

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    Worlds collide onstage in cabaret performance that keeps the planet in mind

    When Sonya Meyer moved to Breckenridge from New York City, going from a concrete jungle to a ski resort was a seductive change in scenery — so much so that her next move took her to the Roaring Fork Valley instead of back to the Big Apple. read more →

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    CVEPA looks ahead while remembering the past

    Darrell Munsell didn’t set out to write an entire book about the Crystal Valley’s history. The newly retired history professor intended to stay just that: retired.

    “I didn’t know anything about Colorado history, but I fell in love with Redstone and decided to do…

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    Growth crowds elk, deer in more ways than one

    Before Aspen Glen was built, hundreds of elk used to graze between Carbondale and Glenwood — but the fact that the herd has since declined isn’t just a function of development.

    “You’re seeing a direct loss of habitat and also extra people that are recreatingread more →

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    Seeking Higher Ground: Rage at the (driverless) machine

    Although I’m seriously opposed to armed insurrection, I empathize with the folks who have assaulted driverless cars in Arizona.

    In Glendale, there have been least 21 attacks: by assailants wielding guns, slashing tires, throwing rocks and even threatening a driverless van’s attendant with a chunkread more →