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    Chisme del pueblo: 27 de octubre, 2022

    Traduccion por Jacquelinne Castro

    Día de los Muertos
    La biblioteca de Basalt invita al público a contribuir con fotos, flores y otros objetos para el altar comunitario honrando a nuestros seres queridos. Esta permanecerá abierta al público hasta el 29 de octubre. A laread more →

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    No estás loca: Mucho ojo si alguien te hace sentir como si lo estuvieras

    Octubre es el mes de concientización sobre la violencia doméstica. Antes que nada, si estás en una relación abusiva, no estás sola. Si te sientes atrapada, debes saber que hay una salida. Si te sientes “loca” y te culpas por los maltratos de tu pareja y crees merecerlos, quiero que… read more →

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    Fake is for fiction

    Opinion by Dominic Furer
    Youth Correspondent 

    Ah, Halloween…A day to dress up; a day to become someone you aren’t; a day of partying and taking on a different form. I always enjoyed Halloween as a child, mostly for the candy and the opportunity to run around at

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    ¡Vota por las tierras públicas este noviembre!

    Por Omar Sarabia

    Defiende Nuestra Tierra

    Durante las elecciones de 2020, Wilderness Workshop y el programa Defiende Nuestra Tierra alentaron a las personas a registrarse para votar, alentaron a las personas a aprender sobre los candidatos y sus posturas sobre las tierras públicas y crearon todo tipo de materiales de… read more →

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    Catto’s artistic efforts reveal Nature’s designs

    In an essay titled “The Study of Color in Nature”, published in the 1896 edition of The Observer: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine, naturalist and artist F. Schuyler Mathews noted: “Color in Nature is illimitable; there is positively no end to its complexity.” 

    The essay offers the reader a few… read more →

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    VOICES echo amidst ‘Green Birds on Orange Trees’

    What does it mean to have a voice? The answer I think can be found more steadily in the examination of the inverse, or rather: what it means to not have a voice. We stand often in social spaces and recognize that the voice is something far moreread more →

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    Mars Retrograde in Gemini: It is a great time to change your mind

    One of the things about astrology, as with life, is that if you pay attention long enough, eventually it is just the same stuff over and over again. Despite buzzwords like “portals” and “lion’s gate” and evolutionary language, astrology is essentially the study of cycles that repeat themselves.read more →

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    ‘Helping Hands’ slated for removal

    As noted in a Sept. 14 Sopris Sun article, “Carbondale Report: Full Panel, full agenda, full audience”, Carbondale’s “Public Arts Commission (CPAC) voted to remove Stephen Lock’s deteriorating ‘Helping Hands’ sculpture located next to the Near New at Third and Main since 1991.”

    The news trickled out to the community,… read more →

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    Carbondale Report: Gradually getting greener

    As snow gently spiraled from the sky on Tuesday, Oct. 25, Carbondale’s Board of Town Trustees cozied up with a full agenda and all trustees present.

    After approving a straight-forward consent agenda, the board heard from Debbie Wilde representing a regional partnership to establish a withdrawalread more →

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    State promotes financial literacy in schools

    Money talks and so do kids. So, financial experts agree that it’s time to talk to kids about money.

    As more research arises indicating a growing need for financial education, more schools are adopting financial literacy standards. In an October 2020 study published in the Economics of Education Review, researchers… read more →