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    Ghost-Box City Market? Nah, how about a Playground for All Ages?

    In this season of gratitude, among the blessings I count are the creativity and inclusiveness that characterize this town.

    I could tally many examples, but Third Street Center embodies it all: As I write this, it’s bringing together the town’s English and Spanish-speaking communities for Dia de Los… read more →

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    On patrol with Carbondale's finest

    It’s 8 p.m. on a recent First Friday — a dark and chilly evening on Main Street.

    Since the town is celebrating Dia de los Muertos, the Fourth Street Plaza is hopping. Artists from Dance of the Sacred Fire mesmerize the audience as they arc and weave during… read more →

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    Rams second in the state after Kent Denver defends top title

    It wasn’t the victory they had hoped for, but it was a far cry from failure.

    Roaring Fork had never played in a state soccer final, and were the first public school to make it that far in a decade — although Salida would have held the same… read more →

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    Building a life in miniature

    From the time I was little I have always been fascinated by miniature things.

    I collected model horses, I adored little dogs, I made dioramas, and wrote stories about tiny worlds. My favorite cartoon was The Littles, about teeny tiny people living in the wallsread more →

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    Change may be coming for Penny Hot Springs

    Increased awareness of Penny Hot Springs has brought an increase in use, which has become a cause of concern and consternation for locals. Pitkin County Open Space and Trails cites social media as a contributing factor in the increased attention the hot springs are getting. 

    Inread more →

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    Film features connection beyond basecamp

    “It was a group of us, John Callahan, the Marolt brothers, and Jim Gile. We all grew up on Cemetary Lane, skiing and ski racing,” says Mike Marolt, the son of an Olympic ski racer. “But we really got started into this stuff in the eighth-grade outdoor ed program… read more →

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    RFHS Chamber Choir to take the top stage

    In just a few semesters, Roaring Fork High School’s choir program has grown from next to nothing to a confident cadre preparing to perform at one of the nation’s premiere venues.

    Thanks to Manhattan Concert Productions, many of the members will travel to New York City next June… read more →

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    Town may help provide showers to homeless

    In updating trustees on five years of Carbondale Homeless Assistance on Nov. 12, organizer Lynn Kirchner took the opportunity to ask the Town to pitch in.

    The ad hoc group has managed to raise around $1,500 every year to provide showers at the Carbondale Recreation Centerread more →

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    Ten years in town — a love letter

    Dear Carbondale:

    Cheers, sweetheart, on our ten year anniversary! Last month marks a decade since I spent my first night on the floor in our new townhome. As you may recall, at the time the economy was puttering along and I was months away from becoming a first-time… read more →

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    A Latino mother’s perspective

    There has been a lot of conversation around the word “equity” within our district these past few months.

    As a Latino mother, I find it particularly odd that Latino families, which make up more than 55 percent of our school district, are often left inread more →