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    Our green grocer

    Dear Editor:

    What’s all this fuss about a plastic bag ban?

    All plastic isn’t evil, just like all cars aren’t. It’s only petroleum-based plastic that wads up into a black ball when burned and never goes away. Plastic made of soybean, rape,read more →

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    A civil debate

    Dear Editor:

    As I write this missive, I am looking at the front cover of this week’s issue of The Sopris Sun (Sept. 26).

    As I ponder what was written on the sign I am trying to discern what message is being sent.read more →

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    Honoring someone’s story

    Dear Editor:

    My name is Estefania Acosta and I was one of the people interviewed for the article “The Silent Trauma of Immigration” published on Sept. 4, 2019.

    When I was given the opportunity to share my story as an immigrant, I wasn’tread more →

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    Ps&Qs: You can afford to share the pie

    These days people say to me, “It’s too bad you can’t write about the president anymore, what with the political climate being so volatile.”

    While it is my dream to be the Ann Coulter of the Left, the truth is, it isn’t the volatile political climate that keeps… read more →

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    Bear tipping just the latest art attack

    When Emerson received an Instagram message on Sept. 20 that his blue bear sculpture by Delaney Nature Park had been knocked down, he wasn’t altogether surprised.

    Back in art school, he’d heard stories of people trying to run off with art. And Carbondale itself has had several incidents… read more →

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    Crystal River Hatchery stocked with educational opportunities

    If a child asks you where fish come from, just point to the Crystal River Hatchery on Highway 133 and say, “Over there.”

    When you arrive, you’ll be warmly greeted by Robert Streater, manager of Colorado’s flagship hatchery since 2008.

    “We’re at the beginningread more →

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    Finding your inner Robin Hood

    Wait. Take a deep breath. Wait again. Aim. Then pull back slowly on the bow. Let go and watch as the arrow flies to its target.

    You’ve got this.

    That’s archery in a nutshell.

    The first arrowheads ever unearthed were inread more →

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    Basalt affordable housing project accepting applications

    A joint affordable housing project serving the Roaring Fork School District (RFSD) and the Aspen/Pitkin County Housing Authority (APCHA) is now accepting applications for the second phase of the Basalt Vista neighborhood. The new units will be located behind the Basalt High School and are comprised of threeread more →

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    A kind expression of the youth

    Look out on your left, or on your right, as you peddle or stroll along The Rio Grande Trail Artway for a new installation which will likely incite an emotionally positive response within you.

    Students of Carbondale Middle School (CMS) are using their voices to bringread more →

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    Town backs Glenwood on quarry, eyes economic forecast

    It was a jam-packed agenda on Sept. 24, but even so the trustees got to go home early.

    The action kicked off with the speedy approval of a liquor license transfer for Patina Bar and Grill, which is taking over the space formerly occupied by The Pig.… read more →