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    Small businesses step back to move forward during pandemic

    In these times of economic uncertainty, small businesses around Carbondale are quickly adapting to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    With statewide closures in effect for nonessential businesses, it has become increasingly difficult for small business owners who rely on farmers’ markets, word of mouth, andread more →

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    Responsible recreation in the new public health landscape

    For so many Carbondalians, Mushroom Rock feels like a backyard. The COVID-19 stay-at-home order, however, is blurring the boundaries of mountain town backyards and home trails. As local recreation areas see increased use amidst warming weather and residents stuck at home, land management agencies are trying to keepread more →

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    A local’s diary of the Spanish Flu

    By Eleanor Clagett Reed
    Courtesy of Shelle DeBeque

    During our fifth year, in the late summer and fall of 1918, the Spanish Influenza swept into Western Colorado on its devastating march across the continent. 

    Carbondale’s only doctor had been drafted intoread more →

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    Is virtual exercise the wave of the future?

    With all this time at home people could — sooner or later — succumb to stir craziness. But have no fear, there are ways to diminish the insanity. 

    One effective antidote is exercise. However, gym goers themselves currently comprise their own category of panic. 

    read more →

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    Tobacco tax approved, Kane takes Basalt Mayor

    A sizable majority of voters in Carbondale’s municipal election supported taxing tobacco products — with 924 in favor of the measure and 381 opposed, according to unofficial results.

    Beginning July 1, it represents a sales tax increase of four dollars per pack of cigarettes or 40read more →

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    First Friday goes virtual

    Carbondale’s First Friday celebration will take place from 6 – 8 p.m. April 3 on the Thunder River Theatre Company’s ThunderStream. Connect with places you like, hang with friends you love, discover new spots, experience art and culture and — most of all — participate in community. read more →

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    Taking the confusion out of how to plan your last wishes

    Full disclosure: I started writing and researching this piece well over a month ago, before Covid-19 had taken hold. At the time, it seemed like a good idea to shelve any talk of end-of-life decisions. Now, in a world where so much seems out of our control, itread more →

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    RFOV promotes art through your window

    Take a moment, right now, to look up from this article and peer out of the nearest window. What do you see? Perhaps, if you are privileged enough, you have an expansive view of Sopris; or maybe, you just witnessed a neighbor enjoying a brief moment of respiteread more →

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    Watching is for the birds

    If you’re itching to take a walk on the wild side, look no further than your own backyard, for that’s where you’ll find the fascinating world of birding.

    It’s spring, so birds are coming back from their winter vacations down south and are eager to returnread more →

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    A letter from the Mayor

    Dear Carbondale Community:
    The State of Colorado made important and necessary decisions to limit the spread of COVID-19 by enacting a stay-at-home Executive Order, which has and will continue to significantly impact our economy. The Town of Carbondale stands with the members of our community who are impacted… read more →