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    Knaus, McCourt take their leave from RFHS

    While two of Roaring Fork High School’s fixtures have been phasing out for some time, this year they mean it (mostly). As they prepare for retirement, Spanish Teacher Jill Knaus boasts 34 years in the district, while Art Teacher Cathleen Crayford-McCourt has 28. 

    Knaus, neé Heider,read more →

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    Navigating the peaks and valleys with Rocky Mountain Kid C.L.U.B.S.

    Think back to the last time you tried to pry a meaningful conversation from an adolescent. Painful to recall, right?

    Well, at Rocky Mountain Kid C.L.U.B.S. (RMKC) adolescents willingly participate in meaningful conversations, and eloquently articulate their feelings to overcome the more challenging aspects of growingread more →

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    Hit the trail with CMC

    Colorado Mountain College (CMC) is slowly and carefully navigating the rough waters of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.
    To help students figure out what’s going on, CMC has issued a Fall 2020 Trail Map loaded with detailed information and guidelines. It’s going toread more →

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    Are testing and tracing for the virus enough?

    Neither Carbondale nor Basalt have ordinances requiring a business to close if it has a specific number of positive COVID-19 test results from employees. And Garfield and Eagle counties don’t either.

    “That’s because each business has a different set of circumstances,” explained Garfield County Chief Communicationsread more →

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    An open letter to the ‘reverse looter’

    The other day I found an envelope on the street. On it is written “To Business, Reverse Looting, Love Carbondale.” Inside is $40. 

    I invite the people behind that envelope to reflect on these questions: Are you trying to set Carbondale apart from other parts ofread more →

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    Bursting the white bubble; raising the white shield

    About a week ago, a local lady, Marlene, asked online: “If I may, I have a question for anyone with a workable answer? Those Black people who have attained some degree of education, wealth, influence… Why don’t they organize, reach out to their fellow man…?”

    Myread more →

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    Can we ask schools to do the impossible?

    When I was a second grade teacher I set my watch’s second hand to match the clock in my classroom. 

    Every day, at 30 seconds past 9:28, my students split off into six different rooms to receive their small group reading instruction. As my students left,read more →

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    Branching Out: Escaping pressure

    In this week’s Mountain Journal, a nonprofit journal centered on Yellowstone National Park, I read an editorial about the packed trails locals are experiencing in Livingston, Montana under the shadow of Bozeman’s population explosion amid COVID-19. 

    I felt their angst overread more →

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    Coping with the coronavirus is especially difficult for our neighbors with autism

    To many of us, the prolonged disruption to our routine was somewhat appreciated. Backyard improvements and walks close to home sufficed for a nice break from the structure of day to day life. However, for someone living with autism or other cognitive disabilities, a change in routine canread more →

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    Sinkhole repaired, northbound CO 133 restored in Carbondale

    Northbound traffic on Colorado Highway 133 in Carbondale is back to normal. Today the Colorado Department of Transportation repaired a large sinkhole located just south of the intersection of CO 133 and Main Street, near Mile Point 68. Crews filled, tamped down, capped, and paved the sinkhole, which measured… read more →