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    Letter: Declare a moratorium on eviction proceedings

    The COVID-19 pandemic is causing widespread disruption in our community and threatens our economic, physical, and mental health. Many organizations are stepping up to support our community. However, there is much fear and uncertainty and the last thing families need to be concerned about is the possibility of eviction or… read more →

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    Utility workers and services make life at home possible

    Whether you, reader, are consuming this local news via the internet or a hard copy of the paper, I’m willing to wager that you are reading it at home. While the nation scrambles to find normalcy under the utterly abnormal circumstances brought on by COVID-19, communities are learningread more →

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    Silverstein slowing, not stopping

    The little package of candy may still be on the counter at the Carbondale Post Office, and the music might still be playing on the boom box donated by KDNK, but Marty Silverstein won’t be there.

    Silverstein, who has worked at the post office in Carbondaleread more →

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    Democratic and Republican assemblies convened virtually

    The Garfield County Republican and Democratic assemblies convened on March 20. Both of the assemblies were conducted via Zoom, a visual conference call tool utilized significantly throughout the professional world as of late.

    On March 16, Governor Polis signed a bill enabling assemblies to meet remotelyread more →

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    To be without a home in Carbondale amid the pandemic

    With the onset of COVID 19 disrupting everyone’s lives it seems solace these days is found within one’s own home. This time is perhaps particularly distressing for those who simply do not have a roof to isolate under. 

    Lynn Kirchner with Carbondale Homeless Assistance (CHA) isread more →

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    Getting info out in Spanish

    This time in our history casts a hue of uncertainty over everyone. It may be especially confusing for those who do not understand the language the information is given in. 

    Spanish-speaking members of our community do their best to stay informed but the information being spreadread more →

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    Red Hill Road set to receive a safety facelift

    Carbondale Town and Garfield County officials are gearing up for the Red Hill Road Realignment Project that is expected to create a safer and more efficient traveling experience for all community members.

    While no official date has been released, officials believe that with consistent weather andread more →

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    Hello from Ohio!

    Life has always been the little things, and in times of crisis, when those little things get taken away, we realize how important their cumulative effect was. 

    It was only three weeks ago that I was in Olive Garden with most of my family to celebrateread more →

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    Just Mutt: Affirmation and denial

    No, I don’t believe in myself.  No, this isn’t a democracy. No, Trump is not a dictator; dictators don’t have to run for re-election or contend with a hostile press. 

    No, God doesn’t depend on me. Yes, I depend on him. I believe in God theread more →

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    Local man struggled to leave Nepal

    As Nepal considered closing its borders because of the Covid-19 virus pandemic, one Carbondalian, Hamilton Pevec, was trapped in that remote South Asian country.

    Fortunately, he arrived home March 22 after enduring what he called a long, grueling journey. Pevec said he had been trying toread more →