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    Celebrating and accepting differences

    By Betina Infante

    April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day and the focus for 2021 is to “Celebrate Difference.” This year, Carbondale-based Ascendigo Autism Services [Ascendigo] is at the forefront of a shift in approach from spreading awareness to promoting acceptance. Ascendigo, the Autism Society of America and several other… read more →

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    A toast to open space ag lands

    Pat Scanlon, co-founder of Woody Creek Distillers (WCD), would trial nine potato varieties in search of the perfect vodka potato. In so doing, WCD became the first lessees to grow vegetables on Pitkin County Open Space and Trails ag lands.
    “Of course it would be a Colorado potato,” Scanlon… read more →

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    ¿Correlación entre cargos por sobregiro e ingreso?

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    Con frecuencia, consumidores de todas partes se quedan tambaleando por los cargos por sobregiro (OD) en sus cuentas corrientes. Puede parecer razonable suponer que los que pagan cargos por sobregiro probablemente tengan menos dinero en su cuenta. De acuerdo con banqueros locales, no necesariamente es así.… read more →

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    La comunidad se lanza por bateo bajo techo

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    ¿Cómo dice la frase famosa de la película “El campo de los sueños?” Si lo construyes, ellos vendrán. En Carbondale es: si necesitas construirlo, nosotros vendremos.

    Se está construyendo una instalación de bateo bajo techo de 80 por 30 pies en la esquina sureste del Ron… read more →

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    Buscando fe y esperanza en la tormenta

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    Lo que nos quedó muy claro durante la pandemia es que muchos buscan fe y esperanza durante una época de gran incertidumbre. A medida que individual y colectivamente navegamos por esas incertidumbres, comunidades religiosas miran a sus líderes religiosos en busca de guía espiritual y apoyo… read more →

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    La legislatura considera un proyecto de ley para juntas de salud

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    Se presentó un proyecto de ley en la cámara de representantes de Colorado que restringiría que los comisionados activos del condado sirvan simultáneamente en las juntas de salud del condado. Esto es importante para la Junta de Salud del Condado de Garfield (BOH), que consta únicamente… read more →

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    Springtime at the Source

    By Will Evans

    Each morning

    I greet the mountain

    with gratitude

    and am nourished by

    fresh water

    I am

    mostly water,

    as a descendant

    of Source. 

    I grow in an awareness,

    Source and I are One.

    Buried inside my essence

    a fire awakens and

    I see the world through a… read more →

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    Community pitches for indoor batting

    What’s that famous line from the film “Field of Dreams?” If you build it, they will come. In Carbondale, it’s — if you need to build it, we will come.
    Construction is underway on an enclosed 80 foot by 30 foot batting facility at Ron Patch Memorial Field’s southeast… read more →

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    Correlation between overdraft fees and income?

    Consumers near and far often reel from incurred overdraft (OD) charges in their checking accounts. It may seem reasonable to assume that those paying OD fees likely have less money in their account. That is not necessarily the case according to local bankers.

    Alpine Bank speaks candidly
    “The historical… read more →

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    Honoring women peacemakers

    “I was worried that people would say, ‘Oh gosh, I could never bring the whole Masai village back or anything like that!’ I want readers to see the tactics of these women so they can apply them on an everyday basis as ordinary people.”
    Paonia farmer and author… read more →