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    Introduciendo: Cuidado Urgente Después de Horas

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    ¿Te lastimaste? ¿No puedes esperar hasta el lunes? ¿Sabes que te va a costar un brazo y la mitad del otro (ojalá no sea literal) una visita a la sala de emergencias (ER)? Bueno, el Cuidado Urgente Después de Horas de Valley Viewread more →

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    Consejo de diversidad se forma en Garfield

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    Los comisionados del condado de Garfield, en una sesión de trabajo el día 4 de mayo, dieron la bienvenida a la concejal de New Castle, Crystal Mariscal, para ayudar a llevar a cabo una promesa de campaña hecha por el comisionado Mikeread more →

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    Doble sacrificio, con doble recompensa

    Doble sacrificio, es lo que hace una madre soltera. Es por eso que con mucho respeto y como manera de honrar a las madres solteras, les comparto tres historias que al igual que a mi, les van a motivar y hacer ver las cosas desde una perspectiva diferente.read more →

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    Season D sports extend into June

    At the beginning of April, the Colorado High School Activities Association forwarded a statement to all member schools that they were in consultation with the Colorado Office of Civil Rights to extend Season D sports and events.

    As Season C sports concluded, two weeks ago, practices for Season… read more →

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    Bear-roping and jewels at Four Mile B&B

    I am certain that I have driven past Four Mile Creek Bed & Breakfast more than 100 times, often at the maximum allowable speed limit. However, that changed recently when I stopped in to visit with owners Jim and Sharill Hawkins. My visit resulted in much more thanread more →

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    Medicine for my mind

    In honor of May as Mental Health Month, The Sopris Sun is running a series of personal columns by regular contributors.

    Mental health is an inextricable part of the human experience. If one’s psychological well-being goes unchecked, it can lead to depression and conflict –read more →

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    Carbondale Report: Tobacco tax boosts services to support regional youth

    All Carbondale trustees were present at the regular meeting on May 11.

    Items on the consent agenda included accounts payable. Items of considerable expense were $50,360 for trash services, $17,329 for Crystal River restoration work and $7,500 for the second quarter payment to Garfield County Housing for management… read more →

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    Basalt Report: Redevelopment proposed for long-vacant building

    By Todd Hartley

    A big rumor about a hot topic in downtown Basalt was quietly confirmed at Tuesday night’s Basalt Town Council meeting, but anyone tuning in late to the proceedings is likely to have missed it.

    “We should make sure people are aware that,read more →

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    Introducing: Trail Notes

    By Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers

    The season for volunteer trail work has begun! In collaboration with Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers (RFOV), The Sopris Sun will keep readers updated about ongoing projects, trail conditions and opportunities to volunteer outdoors! Registration for upcoming work days is at: rfov.orgread more →

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    George Weber: inspired by students’ enthusiasm

    George Weber is the long-time music teacher at Colorado Rocky Mountain School (CRMS). This conversation was edited for length.

    Q: Where are you from?

    A: I was born in Denver and spent most of my early childhood there. When I graduated from high school, I was playing… read more →