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    Mature Content: Aging well in the mountains

    By Nancy Roen

    For me, this time of year is a time for counting blessings, remembering over 50 years ago when I lived in Colorado and visited Carbondale and sent down tap roots. I was struck then by the similarities between the landscape and ethos of the area with the… read more →

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    Letters - Nov. 18, 2021


    Equity. What’s that? Whatever it is, we’d better scramble toward it if we want to be seen as righteous.

    Stan Badgett



    Thanks from Ascendigo

    On Oct. 29, Ascendigo Autism Services hosted our second annual Trunk or Treat event, offering a safe and fun environment for Halloween… read more →

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    Rams take home 3A state championship title!

    The game might have lasted 80 minutes, but the Roaring Fork High School Ram soccer boys’ 3A state title was years in the making. 

    It started with the Roaring Fork Soccer Club, and parents willing to drive their kids to matches hours away. Former Colorado Rocky Mountain School player… read more →

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    Aspiradoras de la tierra

    Es posible que la Country Road 112 ha sido la más transitada hasta ahora. Sin embargo, el tráfico no fue de carros, sino de cabras. En una reciente mañana otoñal llena de rocío, Lani Malmberg y su hijo, Donny Benz, copropietarios de Goat Green LLC, llevaron 800 cabras por la… read more →

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    Nonprofit benefits outweigh the costs

    If you can’t live without art or theater, if you are keen on keeping the rivers flowing, passionate about protecting nature, improving education, supporting the disabled, feeding the hungry, housing the poor, helping veterans, rescuing abused puppies, propagating native seed, building a church, listening to a local radio station… read more →

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    Carbondale report: RFTA’s bike share proposal underwhelms

    The most recent regular meeting saw all trustees in attendance. During “persons present not on the agenda,” three people spoke. First, Chris Hassig offered his “two cents” about budgeting to pave the Town-owned, dirt lot east of Town Hall. Hassig called it “premature” to include such a project in… read more →

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    Letters - November 11, 2021

    Just between us…

    The “average” distance between our valley communities is 10 miles.

    If we are five minutes late, pushing on the gas won’t magically transport us to our destination. To “make up time” these conditions would need to be met: no enforcement, no other cars ahead of us, all… read more →

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    Esquina Legal: Buscando una justicia alternativa

    La Justicia Alternativa es una herramienta para la solución de conflictos. Tiene como propósito lograr un acuerdo entre los involucrados a través de la voluntad, la cooperación y el diálogo. Los jueces y magistrados, en vez de tomar una decisión dentro de un caso,  continuamente ordenan justicia alternativa. Los… read more →

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    Rams win the state championship game!

    UPDATE / Nov. 12: With a 2-1 victory over Jefferson Academy, the Roaring Fork High School Ram soccer boys are the state champions! Go Rams!

    UPDATE / Nov. 10: The Rams are advancing to the championship game against Jefferson Academy! After a 3-1 victory against… read more →

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    Chisme del Pueblo - 11 de noviembre

    Traducción por Jacquelinne Castro


    En colaboración con YouthZone, una organización sin fines de lucro especializada en la intervención, prevención y voluntariado de la juventud, Anderson Ranch mostrará autorretratos de gente joven, la cual incluye fotografías y pinturas. La exhibición estará disponible hasta el 19 de noviembre. Para más… read more →