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    Potter Giana Grossman finds happiness in a cup

    To walk into Giana Grossman’s studio at the Carbondale Clay Center is to enter a realm of sea and land, warmth and spirit, pop and verve. Between form, texture, and color, a display of Grossman’s vessels is irresistible to the eye and hand. You can’t help but to pick one… read more →

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    COP26: On becoming better ancestors

    By Sarah R. Johnson

    Wild Rose Education

    The world needs you, and you, and you, and each and every one of us to operate together as an authentic community, built of genuine relationships and deep care for one another and our common home: Planet Earth. This communal leadership is what… read more →

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    Cody Owen and inner ability

    Donald Clinton Owen more commonly went by Cody, a nickname he picked up while serving in Vietnam. Cody positively influenced people and institutions within the Roaring Fork Valley before passing away in 2009; his spirit lives on through those he loved and the differences he made.

    His wife, Jean Owen,… read more →

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    Recommended Reading: “The Summer of Lost Letters”

    By Jamie Dale

    GCPLD Youth Services Coordinator 

    As a child, I would often leave fake love letters hidden in the walls of houses while we were moving out. 

    I wanted desperately to find one of these hidden messages myself; toread more →

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    Obituary: David Mork

    January 11, 1947 – November 3, 2021

    David Wallace Mork, a longtime resident of the Roaring Fork Valley, passed away at the age of 74. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, he quickly left the East Coast for greater adventures to the West and to explore the world, particularly Asia,… read more →

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    A responsibility to participate

    When it comes to balancing public service with a growing community whilst preserving what that place has to offer, it takes a lot of grit and an exuberant amount of dedication. Dorothea Farris is an authentic example of someone who strives to meet that balance.

    Farrisread more →

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    Star Signs: Upcoming eclipse straddles two polarities

    By Whitney Will

    There will be a lunar eclipse in the wee hours of Friday, Nov. 19, that opens up a new series of eclipses taking place over the next 18 months. There will then be a solar eclipse on Dec. 4 that closes down the series we have been… read more →

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    Column: Challenges facing undocumented students

    By Jasmin Ramirez, Roaring Fork School District Board of Education representative, and Angela Cobián , former Treasurer of the Denver Board of Education

    The COVID-19 pandemic has strained and tested us. As leaders in our communities, in Denver and the Roaring Fork Valley, we have seen firsthand the devastating impact of… read more →

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    Review: “As Close as I Can” by Cassidy Willey

    Thunder River Theatre Company recently debuted Cassidy Willey’s original piece, “As Close As I Can,” a show based on her personal experiences. Willey became a mother as she was dealing with the loss of her parents. The production, which runs 45 minutes, was first performed at the Denver Fringe Festival… read more →

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    CRBOCES offers hands-on education

    Often, students graduate from high school wishing they had acquired skills more aligned with the line of work they go into. That is, in part, why organizations like the Colorado River Board of Cooperative Education Services (CRBOCES) exist; to give students the opportunity to study what they already know they’re… read more →