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    COVID de larga duración y su tratamiento

    Una de las características más distintivas — y preocupantes — del COVID-19 es la persistencia de los síntomas después de que las personas se han recuperado de la infección inicial por coronavirus. 

    Denominadas formalmente secuelas posts-agudas del SARS CoV-2, la afección se ha convertido en algo más conocido como… read more →

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    Equity Garden grows new possibilities

    “As a community, it’s our responsibility to uplift one another, so that everyone has the opportunity to grow,” says Elizabeth Agee, Just Good Food Manager for the Colorado Farm & Food Alliance (CFFA). 

    We stand in a frosted field beneath Mount Lamborn, about a mile fromread more →

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    Trustees pursue short-term rental limits

    The prospect of clamping down on short-term rentals drew robust participation at a Carbondale Board of Town Trustees special meeting on Dec. 21. More than 20 people joined the board and staff, online and in-person.

    The discussion was framed by the efforts of Community First Carbondale (CFC), a group formed… read more →

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    BOCC buttons up final 2021 agenda

    The Garfield Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meetings are available on the Garfield County website for those who wish to view the meetings in their entirety. Following are but a few highlights from the Dec. 20 regular meeting. 

    DHS approvals

    Department of Human Services (DHS) Director Sharon Longhurst-Pritt had… read more →

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    Zipfit reboots in Carbondale

    While Zipfit’s headquarters is still parked in a garage in Aspen, the custom ski boot liner company recently moved the daily operations to what Managing Director Chris Dominick and Brand Manager Jeff Colt affectionately call their “shredquarters” in Carbondale. 

    On a chilly morning last week, the two men squired… read more →

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    Scuttlebutt / Calendar - Dec. 23, 2021

    Served up

    The Sopris Sun’s website temporarily went down late last week. We appreciate everyone who called, emailed and texted to let us know. Thanks to Titan Digital migrating our files to a new server, we are now back online… though some bugs persist. If you encounter any issues, please… read more →

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    Dr. Gary Knaus hangs up his stethoscope

    As he sees his final patients, Dr. Gary Knaus isn’t one to romanticize the past. Sure, he has many fond memories from his 43 years practicing family medicine in Carbondale, but he also remembers each bad prognosis, personal struggle or mental health issue the era didn’t equip him to treat.read more →

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    Mature Content: A miracle in the Bronx

    By Ron Kokish

    Of course there’s a Santa Claus. I saw him up close in the Bronx, in 1959, in the employee bathroom at Alexander’s Department Store. We stood silently, as men do at adjoining urinals, finished our business and returned to our work: he to the Children’s Department on… read more →

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    Letters - Dec. 23, 2021

    Re: Water reportage

    Thank you for the article by Olivia Emmer: “Helping out the trout at Canyon Creek” and the accompanying photograph of the bumps and baffles in the culvert. 

    While the project is exciting and hopeful, the article and photos gave specifics that let me appreciate the design,… read more →

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    Ayudando a las truchas en Canyon Creek

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    Cuando se construyó la alcantarilla en los años 70, los planificadores sabían que sería un problema para los peces. La alcantarilla consta de dos canales, cada uno de 10 pies de ancho y 300 pies de largo. Pasa por debajo de la interestatal 70 al oeste… read more →