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    Letters - August 12, 2021

    Senior Matters

    Senior Matters has been serving Carbondale’s older residents since 2008, when we became the Third Street Center’s first tenant. Over the years, we produced occasional single-event programs (e.g., Medicare Monday, Weed for the Wise) and sponsored two other not-for-profit programs (Brain Train, Valley Mealsread more →

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    Youth Journalism Program now receiving applications

    The Sopris Sun is proud to present the Future of Journalism Youth Incubation Program, free to all local high schoolers with interest in the industry. From ethics, to interviewing, to photography, cartooning and more.

    The course will run on Wednesdays in Carbondale from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. from Sept.… read more →

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    School’s back (and so are masks)

    Correction, Aug . 9: The Roaring Fork School District will not decidedly be practicing serial testing as an additional precautionary COVID measure at the beginning of the upcoming school year. In accordance with a new program announced by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, this option is… read more →

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    Lift-Up emerges stronger

    “Lift-Up is a treasure,” said Interim Executive Director John Dougherty in a recent interview. “It has been one of the most robust and rapid evolutions of an organization that has really been about hearing what the community needs, engaging with our partners and figuring out the best strategyread more →

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    Semillas de cambio sembradas en Silt

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    En una calurosa tarde de verano en Silt, una de las muchas con temperaturas por encima de los 100 grados, seis estudiantes de high school trabajaron diligentemente para completar una cosecha antes de tomar su almuerzo bajo un gran álamo en el borde de la granja… read more →

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    Se expande el Sol

    Ya han pasado cinco meses desde que arranquemos con el Sol del Valle. ¡Cómo vuela el tiempo! Me agrada mucho que — hasta ahora — haya sido tan bien recibido. Tampoco estamos terminades de gestionar el proyecto. Estoy feliz en reportar que ya están transcurriendo conversaciones para amplificar el trabajo… read more →

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    Chisme del Pueblo - 5 de agosto, 2021

    Traducción por Jacquelinne Castro

    Toma conciencia
    La autora y entrenadora de ciencia Jessica Barnum enseña “alineación energética” a través de yoga apacible, técnicas de respiración, meditación, consejos de bienestar y registros. La serie es gratis y continuará hasta agosto y septiembre en la biblioteca de Glenwood Springs… read more →

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    Local author earns literary praise

    Author Kelsey Freeman was awarded the 2021 Colorado Book Award for Creative Nonfiction in June for her first book, “No Option But North.” Freeman grew up in the Roaring Fork Valley and graduated from Colorado Rocky Mountain School in 2012. She now lives in Bend, Oregon, where she works… read more →

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    Exploring colonial literature

    By Carlos Herrera Montero

    Para leer Flores y Cantos en Español, siga el enlace.

    As we previously saw, the process of conquering the lands that peoples and cultures previously inhabited in “the new world” (which would later be called the American continent) was anread more →

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    All's Fair

    Exemplary of the joyous and supportive vibe that predominated the 50th Annual Carbondale Mountain Fair, limbo co-winner Ben Armstrong (who ended up in crutches) is hoisted into the air by co-winner David Vasquez. 

    Contest winners


    Ben Armstrong and David Vasquez

    2. Anna Jasmine


    read more →