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    Escaping into art

    “Dan came with the gallery,” Ann Korologos teases, referring to accomplished local painter Dan Young. Long before purchasing The Basalt Gallery from its retiring owners in 2007, Korologos counted several of Young’s paintings among her personal collection. Some years earlier, she introduced 20 of Young’s paintings to Europe,read more →

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    County regs mirror state changes

    Garfield County Commissioners convened their regular meeting on Tuesday, July 6. Public offices were closed on the preceding day in recognition of Independence Day. The biggest item on the agenda was approval of a text amendment to the county’s Land Use and Development Code in response to changesread more →

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    Tibetan monks bless Compassion Center reopening

    Emerging from some of the most challenging times we have faced, collectively and individually, everyone could benefit from some mindfulness practice. Thankfully, the Way of Compassion Dharma Center — the only physical Buddhist center in this part of Colorado, according to director and founder John Bruna — willread more →

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    Scuttlebutt / Calendar - July 8, 2021

    Public Health Order

    The State of Colorado enacted its fourth amended public health order relating to COVID-19 on June 30. Order 20-38 strongly encourages regular testing of unvaccinated persons in congregant settings and requires unvaccinated folks in those settings to wear a mask. In the pastread more →

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    Chisme del Pueblo - 8 de julio, 2021

    Traducción por Jacquelinne Castro

    Teatro de ópera

    El teatro de ópera en Leadville ya está ofreciendo excursiones en español por primera vez. Un local de Leadville fue contratada para dirigir las excursiones los sábados a las 11:30 a.m. y a la 1 p.m. hastaread more →

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    Coalición local se dedica a proteger a los osos

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    Puedes imaginar que para un oso hambriento, que sale de la hibernación o se prepara para dormir durante el invierno, las tentaciones de la civilización son difíciles de resistir. Con el aumento de la población humana en el oeste, la expansión urbanaread more →

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    The Fork that Roared: Sunchoke delight

    By George Bohmfalk

    Several years ago, I wrote a monthly column for The Sun about food. That ended for various reasons, but I have a selfish interest in writing this one. It’s also a generous reason, as I hope to introduce some of you to a delightful new

    read more →
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    Obituary: Tom Bleskan

    June 20, 1954 – June 26, 2021

    We are sad to announce the passing of long-time Carbondale resident Tom Bleskan. Tom died on June 26, 2021 at the age of 67 in Elora, Ontario.

    He moved to the Roaring Fork Valley inread more →

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    Trail Notes - July 8, 2021

    By Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers

    Trail Knowhow

    Drones or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are fully prohibited from launching, landing or being operated within all designated wilderness areas within the United States. Beyond serving as a source of noise pollution that can disrupt the experiences of otherread more →

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    Letters - July 8, 2021

    Chart Carbondale

    The comp plan update process should include professional, independent reviews of critical needs: water, sewage, traffic, etc. Historic Carbondale is becoming just another town that has been bought by outside real estate concerns with little concern for its history. The traffic backups at 82/133read more →