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    The River Center: 'Vecinos ayudando a vecinos'

    Por Liz Gabuardi

    Cada comunidad tiene necesidades insatisfechas, y éstas son especialmente pronunciadas para individuos, familias y niños de bajos ingresos. En las ciudades de New Castle y Silt, las necesidades insatisfechas toman muchas formas.

    Desde la asistencia con los gastos de vida, hasta la conexión de comunidades de ancianos… read more →

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    Jamie LaRue brings fresh expertise to GCPLD

    For the better part of a year, the Garfield County Public Libraries District (GCPLD) was without a formal executive director. The district’s previous executive director resigned in August 2021, preceded by several other employees including four of the six branch managers. By October, Finance Director Kevin Hettler stepped up to… read more →

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    Scuttlebutt / Calendar - May 5, 2022

    Holy Cross Energy election

    The Holy Cross Energy (HCE) cooperative is holding its annual election and two board of directors seats are on the ballot. HCE chair Dave Munk runs unopposed in the southern district, while incumbent Adam Quinton is challenged by Rosanne Casey in its northern district. Members will… read more →

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    Letters - May 5, 2022

    Do you care?

    On April 21, the commissioners of the Roaring Fork Valley Regional Planning Commission recommended by a three-to-two vote to up-zone the controversial Fields Development project. The three commissioners voting in favor of the up-zoning and recommending approval to the Eagle County Commissioners are Chair Phillip Ring and… read more →

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    Chisme del Pueblo - 28 de abril

    Traducción por Jacquelinne Castro

    Feria de seguridad infantil

    El hospital de Valley View organizará una feria para niños que promuevan la seguridad el sábado 30 de abril desde las 10 a.m. hasta la 1 p.m. La celebración incluirá lecciones de seguridad de incendios, cursos de bicicleta y cascos… read more →

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    Aspen celebra pueblos indígenas con un powwow tradicional

    Fotos de Klaus Kocher

    Durante el fin de semana del pascua, 15 y 16 de abril, llegaron cienes de personas indígenas a Aspen High School para competir en un powwow, y vender su joyería, comida y compartir otras cosas de sus culturas.

    La celebración fue organizada por el Aspen Indigenous… read more →

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    Carbondale Report: Changing of the guard

    It can be a bittersweet moment in a healthy representative democracy. Elected officials of yesteryear humbly step down as the newly-chosen leaders assume their responsibilities. Tuesday’s Board of Town Trustees meeting was such a moment. The audience included family and friends and the session’s entirety focused on this ceremony,… read more →

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    Every tree is a mini-ecosystem

    This Arbor Day, April 29, tree enthusiasts have good reason and ample opportunities to celebrate.

    The history of Arbor Day in the United States reaches back to the 1870s. Julius Sterling Morton, editor of the Nebraska City News, was an avid proponent of planting trees and often wrote on that… read more →

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    Scuttlebutt & Calendar - April 28, 2022

    Wildfire preparedness

    With drier weather and the return of Red Flag warnings, the American Red Cross of Colorado advises residents to prepare for the threat of wildfires by creating an evacuation plan; building an emergency kit with water, non-perishable food, a flashlight, battery-powered radio, first aid kit, medications, important papers,… read more →

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    Letters - April 28, 2022

    Another invitation

    Last week we invited you to join an Earth Day celebration in Carbondale. Thank you to the great group of committed Carbondale residents who showed up with signs, banners and spirit to march in the wind and rain! We brought an important message about our climate and future… read more →