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    A bond that transcends mountains

    While some people would have opted out of a frigid day in the mountains, a small but mighty group of women tucked their heads and began the arduous ascent  of Snowmass Mountain — together.

    Over the last decade and a half, elite female skiread more →

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    Finding your sacred places and defending them

    It is no secret that our public lands are the crown jewel of the Roaring Fork Valley. To walk outside and witness nature at its finest is a gift many of us enjoy after a long work week; from alpine skiing to whitewater rafting, there is no limit of… read more →

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    CRMS Interim breaks the standard for holistic student development

    If you happened to have meandered through Colorado Rocky Mountain School’s campus in recent weeks, chances are you were able to witness students deeply immersed in academic pursuits beyond the standard PowerPoint during CRMS’s annual Interim.

    Each year, students and faculty members participate in a multi-dayread more →

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    Bakers adapt to the altitude, climate

    Ask any baker and they’ll tell you the most satisfying part of breadmaking is the moment a beautiful, round loaf comes fresh out of the oven; with its brown, crispy outside and warm, chewy inside, it is no wonder bread has been a staple on tables around theread more →

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    How FlyNutrition is elevating the standard for nutritional therapy

    You’re flipping through a favorite magazine when suddenly you come across it – “Solve all your nutritional issues TODAY with this one trick!”. You panic. Didn’t you already know everything? Isn’t your big race tomorrow? Should you just “wing it” and try this one trick? Now what?

    In… read more →

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    How volunteer tutors are changing lives through literacy

    Nearly four years ago, Orlando Alfaro moved to the Roaring Fork Valley with the hope of beginning a career as an educator. There was just one major challenge: he could not read, write, or speak any English.

    Not one to be deterred easily, Alfaro heeded the advice of… read more →

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    Seasonal closures help alleviate wildlife stress

    By Kate Phillips
    Sopris Sun Correspondent

    Winter is in full effect here in the valley, and local authorities are bundling up to welcome and educate the influx of outdoor recreationists.

    There is no question that the Roaring Fork Valley is rich inread more →

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    Chasséing through motherhood and finding balance through ballet

    Like most major events in my life, motherhood came barrelling at me with the force of a flash mob; one minute I was planning a cross-country move to attend my dream graduate program, the next I was obsessively researching reusable diapers and natural birthing tips.

    I’ve alwaysread more →

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    Meyer masters myriad media

    Looking to breathe new life into that empty wall space this holiday season? Interested in gifting a unique piece of valley art to an out-of-town friend? Then look no further than Basalt-based artist Sarah Jeanette Meyer!

    A former CRMS art teacher, Meyer brings the outdoorsread more →

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    The thrift that keeps on giving

    In a society trending toward resale consumerism, Carbondale stays in-fashion with an extensive array of secondhand shops. From children’s wear to high-end consignment to treasures from grandma’s attic, shoppers have their pick of holiday gifts without setting foot in a massive superstore.

    “We are seeing moreread more →