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Light the Night with Love brought a magnificent display of artistry and light to the Rio Grande Trail.Observers followed a path through a wonder of sight and sound that started with fire dance performances and aerial acrobats performing in rainbow lit clothes. The sound of drums lured people to the rhythm and color changing hues around the performers. When the path entered into True Nature, attendees strolled into another world filled with dazzling displays of light, illuminated orbs, poetry and prose of Love Notes, and the sound of singing bowls. On the journey, people gazed upon glowing candles and orbs made of ice. Everywhere along the path you were entertained by visions of light, enhanced by glasses that turned all specks of light into colorful hearts; and through encounters that welcomed you to enjoy, examine and contemplate the experience. An overheard comment confirming the impact of this event was, “This is why I love Carbondale.” Indeed, the art community holds a big piece of the heart of Carbondale.

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