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Since 2008, Adi Shakti Ashram, the nonprofit umbrella under which Mana Foods operates, has organized a 72-hour Gurmuhk mantra chant in Carbondale. The Guru Granth Sahib, a book of prayers and hymns compiled in the 17th century, is recited as one complete “unbroken sound” with around 18 volunteers taking one hour shifts. Organizer Sotantar Anderson translates “Guru Granth” as “the great song, transforming darkness into light.” Sotantar calls it “yoga,” creating “equal mind” and inspiring bliss. “You shift one thing in yourself, you shift the whole world!” Although the text is a central religious scripture of Sikhism, it is composed of poets from many backgrounds and Sotantar’s aspiration is to “share in community” and “break the boundaries of religious dogma.”

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